What exactly is Batik?

What is Batik?

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The term Batik arises from the Javanese word 'tik', which means a dot. It refers to a technique of printing fabric using wax and colourful dyes. Archaeological findings advise that the effective use of wax, or perhaps mud on fabrics to resist dye existed long ago for the ancient Egypt, but facts are vague concerning its usage. Some experts think that it absolutely was originally reserved for Javanese royalty on that island, and maybe a pass duration of the princess and noble ladies almost daily. What is certain, however, is always that this type of artistic application was widely circulated in the Malay Archipelago, India, Central Asia, in addition to being far because Middle East, China, even Japan, through trade routes linking these regions.

Batik apparel

Finely crafted silk Batik of various motifs was found during these regions, depicting diverse subjects inspired by Hinduism, music and nature. Skip forward to the present, the skill and product of Batik has developed to believe a leading indication of Malaysian culture, adorning famous brands national leaders, the cabin crew of Malaysia Airlines, and foreign tourists who popular it. There are so many forms of batik and so a variety of types of putting them on. Some situations of precisely how you need to use batik sarongs is within a skirt, dress toga, shawl/ scarf, table/ seat/ couch cover, beach blanket, among other things. To tie a silk batik sarong right into a dress is usually a beautiful decision for dress wear to some party.

Hand Drawn Batik

Batik design may also be drawn personally resulting on exclusive styles of multicoloured shades. This procedure is really a vast improvement from the traditional block printing process which can be limited to an optimal size 9 inches square also to at most four colours.

From the hand drawn batik process, molten wax is used to the desired designs which are utilized the information simply by using a "jhunting" (a copper instrument which has a container for holding the liquid wax circulate out). Kit is then applied individually by a brush on the required design including the background colour.

Batik apparel